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Samsung 4MB SmartMedia (SM) Card K9S3208V0A SSFDC 3.3V SM-004

Samsung 4MB SmartMedia (SM) Card K9S3208V0A SSFDC 3.3V SM-004

Manufacturer: Samsung

You will appreciate the convenience of the new 4mb smartmedia Card. This ultra-compact card allows you to capture much more and in higher resolution before the images must be downloaded or the card changed.

Compact and durable, the smartmedia Card is the ultimate reusable digital media. Besides offering compatibility with most manufacturers SM-compatible devices.

Product Specification

Technical Data
Memory Type:SmartMedia Memory Card - Flash Memory
Memory Interface:Smart Media (SM) Card
Memory Capacity:4mb
Operation Voltage:3.3V
Data retention:to 10 years
Endurance:1,000,000 program /erase cycles
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions:45 (L) x 37 (W) x .76 (T) mm
Weight:1.8 g

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